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20021103 22:12 UTC Denali Fault, Alaska Earthquake TAPS Downloads

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20021103 22:12 UTC Denali Fault, Alaska Earthquake TAPS Downloads in ".zip" format

20021103_2212_taps_ps09-11_vo1_cosm.zip (0.7 MB; uncompresses to 3.4 MB)
20021103_2212_taps_ps09-11_vo2_cosm.zip (5.7 MB; uncompresses to 24.8 MB)
20021103_2212_taps_ps09-11_vo1_matlab.zip (1.6 MB; uncompresses to 1.6 MB)
20021103_2212_taps_ps09-11_vo2_matlab.zip (15.6 MB; uncompresses to 15.6 MB)
USGS Processing Diaries (11 KB; uncompresses to 40 KB)
20021103_2212_taps_ps07_08_12_raw.zip     raw  (0.4 MB; uncompresses to 1.6 MB)
Borehole Logs (0.7 MB; uncompresses to 2.9 MB)

Individual Borehole logs may be downloaded at http://nsmp.wr.usgs.gov/data/taps/borehole/taps_logs.html

  USGS Open-file Report 2006-1028 Downloads:

Individual Excel tables, .tiff images of the figures, and processing diaries associated with USGS Open-file Report 2006-1028:

Evans, J. R., E. G. Jensen, R. Sell, C. D. Stephens, D. J. Nyman, R. C. Hamilton, and W. C. Hager Calibration of PS09, PS10, and PS11 Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Strong-Motion Instruments, with Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement Records of the Denali Fault Earthquake, 03 November 2002, U.S. Geol. Surv. Open File Rep., 20061028, 55 pp., 2006.

and the data processing can be accessed through these ftp links:
Excel tables
.tiff images of the figures
processing diaries

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