U.S. Geological Survey       National Strong-Motion Program

Event Name: Pacoima, California Earthquake
Event Date: 01/14/2001, 02:26 UTC, (01/13/2001, 06:26 PM PST)
Event Identification: 20010114_1
Recorder Type: K2, Etna

Data Organization and Format ||  Downloads (updated 10/17/2002) ||  Tables (updated 10/17/2002)

Data Organization and Format

The January 14, 2001, 02:26 UTC ML 4.3 Pacoima, California Earthquake data recorded by the USGS National Strong-Motion Network (NSMN) are available via the NSMP ftp server in the folder (directory) "20010114_1" (ftp://smftp.wr.usgs.gov/20010114_1).    The time series provided are available in uncorrected acceleration, corrected acceleration, corrected velocity, corrected displacement, response spectra (relative displacement, relative velocity, pseudo-velocity, and absolute acceleration), and Fourier amplitude spectra of corrected acceleration.  All of the data are in SMC format.

In a departure from previous file-naming conventions (where for a particular channel the different the time series data all had the same filename, and thus required separate directories for each data type), the file names for the data have the following form:

uncorrected acceleration: RRRRc_u.smc
corrected acceleration: RRRRc_a.smc
corrected velocity: RRRRc_v.smc
corrected displacement RRRRc_d.smc
response spectra: RRRRc_r.rs2
Fourier amplitude spectra (f): RRRRc_f.fs1

where 'RRRR' is the four-digit recorder serial number (including leading 0's), 'c' is the channel number of the recorder ('a' corresponds to channel 1, 'b' to channel 2 , etc), the '_x' is used to identify the data type, and the suffix refers to the data format (rs2 and fs1 are valid SMC format types recognized by the BAP processing program.

The data are stored in two directories: uncorrected (only uncorrected acceleration) and corrected (all of the corrected and processed data, including acceleration, velocity, displacement, response spectra and Fourier amplitude spectra. This convention for organizing the data was implemented to avoid confusion between the directory names (Vol1, Vol2, … Vol6) previously used for some earlier events and the standard conventions for Volume1, Volume2 and Volume 3 processing.

Information on how the data are processed can be found in the section on DATA PROCESSING.


To facilitate downloading the data, several subsets of the data have been compressed into PC compatible ".zip" format.  These same zip files are located in the "zips" folder in "20010114_1/" on the NSMP ftp server, "ftp://smftp.wr.usgs.gov/20010114_1".  Peak values and time series data for station 5297 (CA: Arcadia; Chantry Flat Forest Sta, heliport garage; S/N 1351) were added to the data set on 10/17/2002.

20010114 0226 UTC Pacoima EARTHQUAKE DOWNLOADS in ".zip" format

20010114_1_uncorr.zip uncorrected (1.1 Mb; uncompresses to 3.9 Mb; updated 10/17/2002)
20010114_1_corr.zip corrected (6.0 Mb; uncompresses to 17.9 Mb; updated 10/17/2002)


List of corrected peak ground accelerations and velocities for available time-series data ; updated 10/17/2002 (to obtain list as Excel spreadsheet click here )

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This page was posted on January 30, 2001; updated on October 17, 2002..